Welcome to the 2024 Pee Wee Baseball season! Pee Wee is an awesome division where the game of baseball really comes alive. It is kids first opportunity to play by all the baseball rules – pick-offs, balks, dropped third strikes, and stealing whenever they want! It is super exciting and a huge jump in level of play.

Chilliwack Minor Baseball is pleased to be able to offer (2) Pee Wee rep teams this year – allowing 24 players the opportunity to play rep baseball from April through to August. For those players not interested in rep or who do not make either of the rep teams we are also excited to be able to offer a single-A program where players will play on one of 4-6 Chilliwack Pee Wee A teams that run April to the end of June and then have the opportunity to try out again for REP Summer Ball season which will run for the month of July and finishes with the opportunity to play in the Provincial Championships.

Regardless of where players and families choose to play or which team they make; it is going to be an awesome year of meeting new people, making new friends, strengthening friendships and becoming better athletes and baseball players.

There will be two Pee Wee REP teams, namely (1) AA team and (1) AAA team – both first-year and second-year pee wee players are able to tryout and play for either the AA or AAA team. Coaches will determine which players make each team based on many factors including skill, attitude, coach-ability, positions needed, athleticism and other intangibles. There will be 24 players chosen to play on one of these two Pee Wee REP teams.

Players and families wanting to tryout must be able to commit for the regular season April to the end of June and especially for the summer season July to begin of August where the season will end with an opportunity to play in the Provincial Championships! If you have questions about commitment / pre-planned vacations / holidays – please email Jeremy Hall (peeweebaseball2024@gmail.com) to ask.

TRYOUTS will run at the Landing Sports Centre (address: 45530 Spadina Ave) on Saturday, January 20 and January 27 – both sessions will run 6pm-8pm. Please attend at least one of these sessions. Meet at 6pm in Lobby.

We look forward to seeing everyone out! Please email Jeremy Hall (peeweebaseball2024@gmail.com) to let me know if you wish to tryout so we can better organize the tryouts by knowing who is interested in playing Pee Wee REP this coming season. Please indicate if you will be at the 20th / 27th or BOTH.

Note that there will be a parent meeting January 27, 2024 at 6:15 where I will discuss Pee Wee Rep Program and be available to answer questions.


Coach Jeremy