13U PeeWee


Born in Years: 2011 & 2012
Ages (as of Jan. 1st): 11 – 12 yrs

Player Evaluations: To be Announced


  • Base paths are set at 70 feet and pitchers throw from 48 feet.
  • Games are 7 innings in length.
  • 13U (Pee Wee) division is the first level where full baseball rules come into effect.
  • Pitch count rules are in effect to protect the young pitcher’s arms from injury.
  • Lead-offs, pick-offs and stealing are permitted, and balks are called on pitchers.
  • The Spring Season is tiered into three levels (“A”, “AA” & "AAA").
    • Players may try out for one of two rep level teams "AA” & "AAA" for a more competitive level of play.
  • Players not selected to rep will be selected to one of the “A” teams which offer a more recreational level of play in the Spring.
  • Travel from Chilliwack will be required at the rep level and possibly at the “A” level depending on the number of teams in our association.
  • Summer Ball is offered to all levels of players, whether you played "A" “AA” or "AAA" during the Spring Season.
    • Evaluations are held at each level to set up Summer Ball teams at each level.
    • Summer Ball runs from late June to late July.
    • Travel from Chilliwack will be required for all levels of Summer Ball.
    • Full commitment is required/expected by players for Summer Ball.

Equipment Required:

  • glove
  • cleats (rubber)
  • protective jock/jill
  • baseball pants
  • batting helmet.


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