Congratulations to the following players and a huge thank you to all those who attended the fall training and tryouts.

Bantam AAA                                       Bantam AA

Ian Vandepol                                        Avery Harrison

Matthew Chater                                Brady Sturrus

Logan Booth                                         Cole Ross

Logan Rodgers                                    Dylyn Mattila

Karsen Guenther                               Evan Gofers

Kailyn Guenther                                 Gage McLellan

Carter McLachlan                               Jase Skipper

Carter Bestebroer                              Joseph Ewert

Andrew Suttie                                        Kaelen McAuley

Rheece McAuley                                   Kaleb Butt

Eli Robinson                                             Kobbi Hartlen

Evan Moloney                                        Nicholas Wager

Sam Hall                                                     Sam Orrell

Timothy Ewert


Head Coach: Colin Currie                      Head Coach: Terry Skipper

Assistant Coach: Rob McLachlan      Assistant Coaches:

Pitching Coach: Liam Campbell         Trent Gofers, Steve Wagner

Hitting Coach: Steve Horner

Starting January 22, all bantam aged players are welcome to attend the CMBA run Winter Workout every Saturday night from 8:15-10:00pm at The Landing on Spadina Ave.

Unfortunately, there are no spectators but if you have any interest in helping/coaching please contact Terry at